Illuminating Ideas

Full-spectrum Startup Consultancy

You have the vision; let's make it a reality.

Startup engineering isn't just about turning an idea into an app. It's about taking an idea, challenging it, testing it in the real world, and creating a product with true market fit. Business comes first, and that means building a solid foundation for the future.

When you partner with Creadyne, we provide the mentorship, product design expertise, and technical know-how to build that foundation. Using Lean Startup methodology, we guide and assist the entrepreneur through the analysis, business model generation,

Minimum Viable Product design and build, and market testing stages. Our group has many years' valuable experience at all levels of business, entrepreneurship and product development, and we are all startup founders ourselves.

Whether you have a product suitable for bootstrapping or intend to raise external funding, our team can put you in the most advantageous position for success, with real-world, validated learning and a profitable product you - and investors - know your target market wants!

To maintain focus, Creadyne partners closely with a small, select group of entrepreneurs in whose talents and ideas we sincerely believe. To see if we currently have any openings, please get in touch and we can discuss your business.

Our clients include:

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